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Rice / Arroz


White rice / Arroz blanco

Yellow rice / Arroz amarillo

Rice & pigeon peas / Arroz con Gandules

Rice & black beans / Moro de habichuelas negra 

Rice & pinto beans / Moro de habichuelas pinto

Main Dishes

Chicken stew / Pollo guisado

Chicken in tomato sauce with potatoes, carrots, and celery


Beef stew / Carne de res guisada 

Beef stewed in tomato sauce with a splash of wine, 

potatoes, and celery


Chicken chunks / Chicharron de pollo

Boneless chicken seasoned with Dominican 

spices, floured and fried


Dominican Chimi burger / Patacon Pisao Chimi

  on a fried plantain bun with ketchup mayo, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions


Fish stew / Pescado guisado

Fish (your choice) stewed with tomato sauce, peppers, 

onion, potatoes, carrots, and celery



Beef, Turkey, or Vegetarian



Beef meatballs seasoned and stewed in light tomato 

sauce with onions and peppers


Shrimp / Camarones 

Scampi with choice of garlic sauce or tomato sauce


Sweet Plantain Casserole with Cheese 

Beef, Turkey, or Vegetarian



Dominican Salami Stew / Salchichon Guisao


Empanadas (beef, chicken, or spinach and cheese)


 Sweet Plantains / Maduros


French Fries / Papas Fritas


Plantain Smash / Mangu


Mashed Potatoes / Puree de Papas


Yuca Fries / Papitas de Yucas


Twice Fried Plantains / Tostones


Plantain Fries / Papitas de Platano


Russian Potato Salad / Ensalada Rusa


Sweet Potato Smash / Puree de Batata Dulce


Mixed Greens Salad / Ensalada Verde Mixta


Fried Cheese with Guava Sauce / 

Queso Frito con Guayaba


Fried Dominican Salami w/peppers & onions /

Salchichon con ajies y cebollas


Traditional Dominican Potato Salad 

with Organic Beets



Alcohol-infused Flan - Different Flavors

Choco-Flan - Cake and Flan Combo

Tres leches



       Flan Flavors 

Chocolate - Banana Pudding - Coffee - Guava

Mango Madness - Pineapple - Strawberry - Vanilla

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